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How to make your own Cluedo:

My original thoughts were, on Christmas day we always play board games – so I want to make my own. I’ve included how I made the board (I called it Southall Cluedo as my surname is Southall). This is a great way to get creative for presents and keep costs down!

If any of you aren’t familiar with cluedo (shame on you!), it is a detective game, trying to work out whodunnit. And basically each participant has a selection of cards of; weapons, murders, victims and rooms. If you have a card it means that was not involved in the murder as the 4 important card have been randomly selected and hidden. So it involves a bit of lying too! I apologise for the worst explanation ever of the game! Check out if you’re still a tad confuzzled!
So what about Southall Cluedo and How do you make a personalised Cluedo??
So rather than using the usual Mrs Scarlet and the likes, all the murders where members of my family (There’s 5 of us in total), all the victims where our dead pets! Now we used to live on a farm to we have like over 20 dead pets, bit gory I know! So on the playing cards I used old dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, chickens, etc! So if you don’t have pets in your family perhaps use extended family (Bear in mind they do not have to be dead! you just need victims for the game), as for the location of the murder I used rooms in my house and the weapons I tried to relate them to the hobbies of my family so I had the poisonous rugby ball and the fishing rod.
So what do I need? 
Well to get into the creative mood it is a must to have christmas music and hot chocolate with marshmallows! As for the board game: 
  • Card (to make playing cards) I recommend thick card so you can’t see through and it lasts longer. It will be cheaper to buy sheets of A4 so can be used in a regular printer and cut into small sizes. I would recommend photo graph paper as the quality of my pictures are in a very bad condition now. Image
  • Printer/ ink
  • I used a canvas from Hobby Craft for my playing board. I found this really easy to use as I did not have to make something out of wood (or cardboard) and it was strong enough to be carried around and withstand years! Plus it was perfect to get the felt tips on. I would recommend getting the canvas from Wilkinsons as after my purchase I found a much cheaper one there for about £2.50. I used a very large canvas at about 1 metre by 0.5 metre, although this takes up a lot of space to keep, it means my game can have wide squares making it easier to play. Image
  • Felt tips – a must!
  • Table Setting Name Tags thingymabobs! I found these in hobby craft and they’re designed for you to put a slip of paper inside to show the name of the seat. However I put a photograph of the player (i.e the murderer) so it could be used as a counter. They were quite expensive at £4 each! However they worked perfectly – if you want to reduce cost, just you regular counters without a photography on or making used a sticker. Image
  • Dice – just get some cheap ones from poundland Image
  • A metre ruler – this is so when you draw the squares on the board it is straight and visible. Each square on my board is exactly the same size as my counter.
  • You need paper to make the check list, so people can remember their guess work during the game. I just used regular printing paper and made a table on Microsoft word. As you can see from the photograph of the table, I have got 31 cards in total. I found that this was a really good number as if you were to play with 4 players, each player would have 6-7 cards which is perfect!  Cluedo tablesImage
  • Stickers! These are essential! I used stickers practically everywhere as they look so much more professional than handwriting! Stickers can be brought from any supermarket or shops like the Works or WHSmiths
  • I also mad a manual and put some funny jokes in there, it was sort of a book/christmas card/rules. I just used A4 printing paper and a paper clip – but as you can see from the photo, it has been very well used and abused! And now it looks very messy… Maybe just write a letter on card or if you really want to splash out the cash, publish a hard back book! Here’s a link to a site that does that sort of thing! Image

So I hope the rest is self explanatory! If you have any questions or need a bit more help thinking of ideas or murders for your game just give me a shout! It is a really fun game and a great present for Christmas for all the family to get involved with and play!

Emmroses ♥

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